India stands high when it comes to culture and heritage. South India has been the birth place for various dance forms. Kuchipudi is one among the many which holds a unique place in the world of dance. It exemplifies the heart of Telugu culture in its variety and richness. This dance style draws it's sustenance from the principles enunciated in *Bharata's Natya Sastra* Siddhendra Yogi, an exceptionally gifted scholar and artiste who lived in the 14th century gave a definite format to this ancient art of kuchipudi.

Male Artists in the field of dance are fast dwindling as it is widely believed to be an art for females. Sai Satvik a 3rd year Engineering student receiving his training initially from noted guru Sri Pasumarthi Venkata Ramana from the age of 4 years at Vishakapatnam before shifting to Hyderabad.